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Contribute towards safe and hygienic stay of children undergoing cancer treatment at a St Judes' Centre in Delhi, India

Donation Amount : 5000Donate

St Jude India ChildCare Centres provide free, safe, clean, hygienic accommodation to cancer affected children and their parents traveling from rural and semi urban parts of the country to big cities to avail world class cancer treatment for their children. St Judes' runs 4 Centres in Noida for children being treated at AIIMS. Without this support these families would have been on the street or abandoned treatment. St Judes' provides free housing, transport, nutrition and emotional support to these needy families.

Support one family's stay for one day at a St. Judes' Centre

Donation Amount : 1000Donate

You may support as many families for as many days as you wish. St Jude India ChildCare Centres provide free accommodation and holistic support to families whose children are undergoing treatment in large metro hospitals. Your Donation goes towards maintenance of the family unit they are provided, nutritional support, transport, education and other facilities.